Fresh Faces – Modeling a Profession That Breaks Age Bar

Disha PataniIndian Modeling industry has paved way for people of any age group to be a part of it. After years of struggle in the industry, models can now give themselves a try in this industry which is open to individuals of all age. As compared to traditional modeling days, the industry is now much more receptive to all people, whether young or old. This is because there is an increasing demand of models that can fit into different commercial requirements, and those who have the right talent and face to represent the brand, gets the job.
Modeling a few decades back was considered as a very odd job and though it was related to show biz, it didn’t have much good reputation then. People couldn’t consider enrolling their kids for modeling assignments back then because there wasn’t much information available, nor were there many reliable platforms. However, there were people who trusted their instincts and stepped into the world of modeling and television. There are many living examples of people from the Indian Film and Fashion Fraternity who started their careers very young, sustained it very well and are now legends.

Dia Mirza
Late Zohra Sehgal, who had successful career duration of almost 60 years were too ambitious to focus on their passion for working in the modeling and film industry. Boman Irani, who is a renowned actor of India, was earlier a professional photographer who switched over to acting career. Supermodels like John Abhraham, Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza etc. broke the stereotype of the industry because they found a great way to nurture their modeling and acting skills.
There are many ways a modeling career can uplift your entire professional route:

• As a model, you get to work with experts of the industry. Be it photographer, stylist, fashion designers or brands, everything in this industry is fueled by professionalism.

Aishwarya Rai• The perks of being a model aren’t limited to just photo shoots or ramp walk. You get to meet other renowned people of the industry and you get to work with some of the biggest names.

• Regardless of your age, there is always a job prospect that you can fit into. There isn’t a dearth of jobs or reliable platforms whatsoever. You also get paid well.

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Modeling Job opportunities Online

Teenager-modellingTeen modeling has opened a portal of unlimited career opportunities for youngsters. Whether full time or part time, a teen can easily get great professional breaks, especially if he/she has the right attitude, talent and professional guidance such as that of a modeling agency in India. Initially, you won’t be able to get any chance, if you don’t have a modeling agency to provide you with references to assignments. Therefore, an agency or an agent can be of great help.

Let’s take a look at how you can get best teen modeling opportunities:

  • You should keep up with yourself. You should be well groomed according to your age. Most directors will try to fit you in a particular age. So avoid over grooming or representing yourself much older than you are.
  • Find a modeling agency in your vicinity. However, go with one that is reputed and has professional ties with the significant names of the industry. This will automatically maximize your chances of opportunities.
  • Inform your parents that you are interested in teen modeling. Without their consent or support, you would not be able to deal with the legal concerns and various other formal protocols that are invIndian-models-clubolved.
  • Get a professional Modeling portfolio before applying for any jobs. A professionally shot portfolio would pay attention to your best modeling shots, which will make a good impact on the casting directors.
  • Be aware of fraud companies or photographers. It’s best to get help of your parents to connect with the respective persons in the field. This will avoid your chances of being taken advantage of.
  • You won’t necessarily need makeup since you are a teen. A clean flawless face, healthy lifestyle and well-groomed personality are enough for your portfolio shoot or in-person auditions.
  • Last but not the least, only a professional teen modelling agency will help you get the best and legit opportunities in the Modeling  field.
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Hurdles of Teenage Modeling Jobs

Indian-models-clubEvery year, countless of teens are scouted for their talent and approached by talent agents to start teenage modeling. When approached, a teenage may get berserk, simply because of the offer. However, there are many challenges that one may face during the initial phase of the career, because everyone starts at some point of their life. So, if you are an aspirant and want to know the challenges of getting teenage modeling jobs, then keep on reading.

The modeling industry, on the whole is very competitive and every model is always on the edge of their career. One wrong move and they may lose everything. So, you need to understand that the teenage modeling jobs are no different. Everybody is busy in the industry and only need the best people to work with. Hence, having an agent to help you out would be extremely helpful rather than buzzing the casting directors yourself.

On the other hand, the most important part is to get discovered in order to get good modelling jobs. This can be easily done via a professional Modeling portfolio and a modeling agency in India that can manage your gigs. If you don’t want to hire somebody, you can ask your parents for your model management tasks.Fashion-model

Most teenagers undergo a growth spurt that can cause physical changes and can very easily affect their looks. So, it is important to be healthy and look good and attractive to ensure that you can showcase your unique features, whether in portfolio or in person auditions. Another thing you should do is, get in touch with a modeling company that has lucrative modeling assignments lined up. By associating with them, you will widen your teenage modeling jobs options.

Whatever you do, make sure your parents are in the loop so that you have enough support to back you up. Undoubtedly, the initial few months would be full of challenges, but once you get it all sorted out, you will get good teenage modeling jobs.

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How to create a good Modeling Portfolio in Delhi

Modeling Portfolio

modeling-portfolioYour modeling portfolio is what sells you when you are searching for modeling employments. Now and again, it can represent the deciding moment of your profession. This is the manner by which clients see your general appearance. A good modeling management agency can come to your rescue in such a situation.

Keep in mind that your portfolio is genuinely the “first impression” that you create in the business of glamour. There is a quote, “You just get one opportunity to make a decent initial introduction.”  Each agency or client that you contact your photographs, card or portfolio will always enter that place before you.

Set your standards HIGH! You must have an exceptionally sharp eye when selecting any pictures to puimct in your modeling portfolio. Verify that the photos that you show can persuade organizations and potential clients.

There are 4 sorts of pictures that you will possibly end up with Bad, Good, Great and WOW pictures.

Your modeling portfolio ought to comprise of only of Great and WOW photographs. Delete the Bad and store the Good. Place your WOW pictures on the right hand pages of your portfolio and the Great pictures on the left hand side. A book for your modeling portfolio that holds a photograph of 8.5×11 is recommended.

Less is better! You won’t inspire with amount – you will make an long-term impression with quality.

The purpose of the modeling portfolio is not just simply to show that you are good to look at. It is to show your capability to portray different characters, age ranges and importantly personality!

For a new model – 6 – 12 pictures is adequate to present yourself to a new agency. 20 Indian-Models-Clubshould be maximum – but only if they are 20 great pictures. You will get work with a selection of pictures that show you at your best, show your range of emotions and ability to portray various characters.

It is your modeling portfolio that will decide your fortune  in the world of modeling. Therefore,  one should be really thoughtful and careful with the portfolio. The more you pay attention to your portfolio , the greater are the chances success will knock your door.


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How Modeling Agencies shape modeling careers!

Modeling-career-in-indiaIf you have dream of becoming a model – any kind of, it is necessary to know how you can start, who can help you and most importantly how to shape your career. A modeling agency can be your backbone and can help you manage your profession in this industry very well. So, if you are wondering how to become a model in India and have been contemplating about the role of an agency, just keep on reading.

Mumbai is the favored destination for all individuals who want to join the film, fashion,TV and advertising fraternity. However, it isn’t easy to make a place in the industry, especially when there are countless of people scouring for one opportunity. But the struggle is real, makinmodeling-in-indiag it difficult for those who actually deserve the chance. In such a scenario, a modeling agency in India can be of immense help that can guide you and take you through the talent hunt procedure easily.

All agencies have distinguished working order, expertise in specific services and a troupe of skilled persons. It is their collaboration and ideology as a whole, that acts as a strong foundation, which helps aspiring people to learn how to enter the modeling industry. The stronger and diverse the foundation is, the worthier the chances are for everyone.

The core services offered by a modeling firm usually revolve around personal grooming, makeover, etiquette, health and the “skills” required for modeling – be it fashion or print. These kind of services can’t be availed from any place other than a professional modeling agency such as Indian Models Club.

Professionals from all the verticals of modeling and film niche have networks with modeling agencies, who resource them to search for new faces. If it wasn’t for these firms, it would be pretty difficult to get good projects. Any good modeling agency, thus supports its models and give them great assignments.

A modeling agency is very crucial to shape a budding career of an aspirant individual. It ismodels-in-india a place where novice talented people prepare themselves to achieve success beyond their community. If you want to become a model in India, it is extremely important to get ahead and associate with nothing but an excellent modeling agency.

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Holy Grail Do’s & Don’ts For Fashion Modeling

Fashion Modeling In India

To keep one aligned with the latest trends and whatnot of fashion world, models stick to some do’s and don’ts for fashion modeling. If you are an aspiring model, we bring you the insider’s scoop of how everyday fashion divas keep themselves anchored in this high-pressure

Indian Models Club suggests the following do’s and donts to make runway work for you:



  • Be Knowledgeable: Gone are the days when modeling was associated with dumb girls. Tfemale-models-indiaoday, it’s “beauty with the brains” that reigns. When you speak up and remain curious about your projects, you perform far better. You’ll learn by asking and that should be a continuous part.
  • Be Concentrated: Every runway show has a certain concept, which may or may not demand your attention. Either ways, you should be attentive of your environment and walk the ramp with happy thoughts.
  • Be a Diva: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a show stopper or not, what matters is that you’re walking that show and you have to make the most of that opportunity. The stage is where you have to be a diva; walk with attitude and love camera.



  • Don’t Be Unplanned: Fashion modeling maybe just walking the ramp, but one slight mistake can ruin your career. You can’t afford to be unplanned; walk around in the green room in your dress, your heels, your hairdo and practice before you hit the stage.
  • Don’t Whine: Nobody likes a troublemaker when its show time. You can’t be possibly upset about everything, you have to learn how to go with it, unless it’s something totally obnoxious.
  • Don’t Underestimate: Your runway route can be easily hamperfashion in delhid by your over confidence and your underestimation of other models. It’s all about confidence, attitude, professionalism and cheerful nature. It’s better to appreciate others and modify yourself accordingly.

Indian Models Club experts, who are a part of Top modeling Agency in India suggest these essential do’s and don’t to any novice or established models. Stick to these and you will be able to make runway work for you in long haul.

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The unlimited prospects of Fashion Modeling

Fashion Modeling has been glamorized so much to an extent that people usually consider it as a profession with quick and heavy income business prototype, in addition to the kitsch and flamboyant aspects.models in India

If you are one of those individuals who has what it takes to be a fashion model, chances are that you’re already trying to dig more dirt about this profession. Certainly this industry pays really well and there are plethoras of options that can lure you, you should still know all the aspects of India modeling Industries.

Various Prospects of Fashion Modeling


  • Once your career gets a nice kick start, you get exposed to an industry with great opportunities. Before anything else, you need the right start. Therefore, you should get professional assistance from a reputed modeling agency. If you reside in India, you should have a look at Indian Models Club where you will get exclusive services, all aimed at helping you to become a model.
  • In the beginning, you can experiment as a catalog, magazine, TV or an advertisement model. Your appearance, as a matter of fact, is the prime factor that can be a big game changer. Hence, always make sure that your face, hairs, body and how you carry yourself is impressive enough so that you get the right opportunities.
  • Runway shows, page 3 events, brand ambassadors – you can be a part of these and much more. Indian modeling agencies gives away plenty of getaways that will not only allow you to earn handsomely, but meet new people, travel around and get recognized as a celebrity. The fun doesn’t end here; you will become a part of a multi-million industry.female-models-delhi
  • With all these options, one must also ensure that modeling, when taken opted professionally, is backed up by relevant training and an excellent modeling agency. Both of these will play an important role in carving your career. There are a lots of bells and whistles included in this industry. But to be able to enjoy all the benefits, you should be willing to work hard and make a mark for yourself right from the start.
  • Fashion modeling and its prospects are plenty in India. With cities such as Mumbai and Delhi being the talent hotspots, give talented people just the right platform and job opportunities. Having said that, there’s no dearth of options or prospects. Of course, a model should always be courteous, pleasing, disciplined and professional apart from being just a ‘face’. In fact, many known actors have been successful models in the past.modeling

Fashion industry thrives on talent, looks and attitude. All you need is a well known modeling agency such as Indian Models Club to act as your backbone and let you in the biz.

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How to become a model in Delhi

Fashion & Modeling industry offers a promising career to many aspirants throughout the world. It is indeed a glam filled industry, where talented individuals get a definitive chance to take up modeling professionally.Modelling-in-india

Many companies throughout India offer effective programs that are aimed at grooming people in the most sophisticated way. These qualified agencies take up candidates through castings and furthermore, they get cast in various assignments. For the sake of these Modelling agencies, entering fashion world has become easier! There’s no dearth of Modeling Agencies in India and if you are looking forward to be a model and kick start, the most promising career, then get started today!


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Kids Modeling In India

Do you want your kid to be a model and walk the ramp? Now a day, there is a huge industry established that gives a platform for young, talented children to boost in thechild-modelling-agency-india modeling world. Kids modeling industry has taken a vast leap in a few years with the Kids model agency in Delhi offering a lot to flourish the skills in kids at such a young age.

Now, Kids are seen doing modeling assignments and walk the ramp with great confidence and ease like professionals. The confidence of these kids actually gives a tough competition to professional models at times. The baby models walk the ramp with grace and elegance that people forget to wink eyes. All this has only been possible with parents’ support. Now parents enroll their kids in top Child modeling agencies.
However, parents should consider the following points before choosing a right modeling agency;

• Know your kid’s interest

• Checking the background of the modeling agency

• Knowing about the clientele of the modeling agency

• Analyze the success track of that modeling agency

• Location of the modeling agency

kids-modelling-agenciesOnce these points were fulfilled, you can surely enroll your kid into these children modeling agency to refine his/her acting and modeling skills of the kid. Some professional
modeling agencies
even assist you in creating the effective portfolios. The portfolio is sort of a pass that helps anyone to enter the modeling world. It acts like a resume and is crucial for each forthcoming model, whether it is a kid or adult. It is the collection of photographs with different poses of the model to appear glamorous that helps the kids to be best child Model in India.

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Modeling – A fast career option for youth…….

In the recent time, the sudden booming of advertisement and the fashion industry has eventually generated a massive and consistent demand for fresh faces. Almost every day, a budding startup or e-commerce business owner, tends to hunt for good looking models to endorse their newly launched products or services. As a result, it has become an alluring sector for a fashionable youth to travel and make quick money.



An Array of Options to Delight You!

Because of the cut-throat competition, the huge openings in the modeling industry are sure to overwhelm the aspiring young individuals. Even though there are no hard and fast rules of modeling, many professional tend to offer grooming and personality development tips, along with effective makeup tips. Apart from bearing a natural beauty, these effective confidence boosting programs tend to play vital role in pushing an individual into the fashion industry.

How to start Your Modeling Career:

In general, there is no definitive age or qualification required to be a part of the glamor domain. In case you possess enough confidence, you may initiate the process, by developing a commendable portfolio, and promote yourself to the leading fashion houses or advertising agencies in india. You may also register yourself at the various top modeling Agencies, or communities, in order to get notified of the professional assignments.

If you possess natural beauty, then you must try to participate in the small-scale fashion shows or theatrical productions, in the high school or colleges. Being exposed to photo shoots, from a relatively early age will inevitably boost up your confidence level manifold.

Is it the right career option for me?

Modeling is a highly competitive career. Even though many young fashion enthusiasts tend to opt for the glamor industry because of the lucrative salary, many of them lack the patience and endurance to handle the hectic schedules or negative feedback. Along with this, one must also be photogenic, so as to turn it into a full time profession.


Indian Models Club is a leading modelling agency in India. Indian models club understands what models in Delhi and across India have went through to reach the top, and Indian models club guides you with great tricks. Indian models club has produced too many successful models in India. It is essential to shortlist genuine modeling agencies in Delhi to enhance your career in this glamour world.

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Modeling Agencies India -Indian models Club

Indian models Club – Modeling Agencies india.

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Indian models Club – Modeling Agencies in Delhi

Indian models Club is the one of the famous & top modeling agency in Delhi

Indian Models club provide the Male,Female,Kids, fashion models & fresher models in India

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Indian models Club – Modeling Agencies india

Indian models Club is the one of the famous & top modeling agency in India

Indian Models club provide the Male,Female,Kids, fashion models & fresher models in India

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New faces of Indian Models club

 Female Modeling

New faces of Indian Models club

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Indian Models Club

Indian Models Club is the Modeling agency India that provide all types of models i.e. Models for fashion, Child Models, Female Models, Male models, Fresh models, Model for  TV  shows in India, Models for Catwalks, Magazine cover Model, Fashion shows in Delhi, New Models in Industry, Young Models, Adult Models, Old age models, Fresher models, Child Modeling agencies, Female Modeling Agencies, Male Modeling Agencies, Models for fashion shows, Models for photo shoot, Models for ads.

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indian models in delhi

Indian Models Club, Delhi Highly reputed Indian modeling agency, Modelling agency production houses for Indian models in Delhi, every age like Indian male models, female models, kids models provider we also provide models for fashion photography and shows, magazines, print ads, Tv commercials, photographers available for advertising shoots and model portfolios – modelling agencies in Delhi.
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