Fresh Faces – Modeling a Profession That Breaks Age Bar

Disha PataniIndian Modeling industry has paved way for people of any age group to be a part of it. After years of struggle in the industry, models can now give themselves a try in this industry which is open to individuals of all age. As compared to traditional modeling days, the industry is now much more receptive to all people, whether young or old. This is because there is an increasing demand of models that can fit into different commercial requirements, and those who have the right talent and face to represent the brand, gets the job.
Modeling a few decades back was considered as a very odd job and though it was related to show biz, it didn’t have much good reputation then. People couldn’t consider enrolling their kids for modeling assignments back then because there wasn’t much information available, nor were there many reliable platforms. However, there were people who trusted their instincts and stepped into the world of modeling and television. There are many living examples of people from the Indian Film and Fashion Fraternity who started their careers very young, sustained it very well and are now legends.

Dia Mirza
Late Zohra Sehgal, who had successful career duration of almost 60 years were too ambitious to focus on their passion for working in the modeling and film industry. Boman Irani, who is a renowned actor of India, was earlier a professional photographer who switched over to acting career. Supermodels like John Abhraham, Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza etc. broke the stereotype of the industry because they found a great way to nurture their modeling and acting skills.
There are many ways a modeling career can uplift your entire professional route:

• As a model, you get to work with experts of the industry. Be it photographer, stylist, fashion designers or brands, everything in this industry is fueled by professionalism.

Aishwarya Rai• The perks of being a model aren’t limited to just photo shoots or ramp walk. You get to meet other renowned people of the industry and you get to work with some of the biggest names.

• Regardless of your age, there is always a job prospect that you can fit into. There isn’t a dearth of jobs or reliable platforms whatsoever. You also get paid well.


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